The Main Man

Ron Perlman as Lobo

So a couple of years ago, Ron Perlman shared some of my art on social media. You can read about that HERE. He’s actually done it a couple of times after that too and it gives me a spike of traffic and followers on social media and it’s incredibly awesome. He’s become a hero of mine and I have much respect for him.

Something that I realized is that I’ve never really done anything for him so I drew this specifically for him. I realize he’ll probably never see it or even acknowledge it and that’s not important. I guess it’s just a way to say thanks for all he’s done for me.

If he doesn’t get the opportunity to play Cable in Deadpool 2 (or even if he does!), I would love to see him as Lobo in the DC movies. I think he’s perfect for it.

Thanks bud!

Ron Perlman as Lobo

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