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  • Mix!


    As the spooky season draws closer I’m going to try and release lots of spooky shirts over at TeePublic. I’ll also be trying to get in their curated Halloween collection! My first entry will be a polished version of one of last years #Drawlloween pieces. I’m calling this one Mix! It depicts Suzie, an average […]

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  • Drawlloween 2020

    Drawlloween 2020

    While I’ve done multiple challenges in the past, this year I decided to only participate in Drawlloween 2020 and just go hard! One drawing a day for 31 days based on the daily prompts on by Brian Soria. They were all super fun and challenging. I also recorded the creation of all Drawlloween 2020 […]

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  • The Batman

    The Batman

    As a kid, I really liked batman. Comics, the Tim Burton movie, the cartoon on Fox. The character and his villains are certainly some of the most memorable in all of comic books. I like all the Batman movies, even the bad ones. The Dark Knight is in my top 10 favorite movies. In the […]

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  • Stay at Home

    Stay at Home

    So with the Stay at Home order in California, many of us don’t have much to do. Well…. I mean there’s tons to do on the internet, but sometimes we need a screen break. Here’s a coloring book page that you can print and color while you stay at home. It would be pretty cool […]

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  • Half-Orc Fighter

    Half-Orc Fighter

    This piece features a Half-Orc Fighter just after pummeling some unlucky villain with his hammers. I miss playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and would love to start playing again. I would certainly roll a Half-Orc Fighter! I’ve also included here a little process animation to show by steps in how I created this piece. […]

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  • Toxie 2020!

    Toxie 2020!

    This is my 2020 Toxie drawing. I really do try to draw him every year, but, well… I haven’t. I missed last year, so here I had to do Toxie justice in this, partially re-imagined version. It features our Hideously Deformed Creature of Super-Human Size and Strength, Melvin Ferd, next to his toxic origin. Toxie […]

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  • Glass Heroes and Villains

    Glass Heroes and Villains

    This is my Villain entry for the Deviant Art and Universal Pictures art contest: Glass Heroes and Villains. It seemed like a really fun challenge, to create an original character in the Glass/Split/Unbreakable universe so I started with a Villain(I plan on doing both). The “powers” in the universe are subtle so I thought of […]

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  • Pokemans? Pokemons.

    Pokemans? Pokemons.

    So the Character Design Challenge a couple of months ago was for Pokemon. I didn’t end up submitting any, but I had drawn some up as I had never tried drawing one before. Here they are. Allakazam is my favorite Pokemon.

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  • The Vraugtinoct

    The Vraugtinoct

    Here’s a strange inter-dimensional horror I drew. I wanted to have very familiar features that were also very alien on a creature that was a brightly colored as it was terrifying. From the rift came The Vraugtinoct to our home, the Earth. The only thing as boundless as it’s power, is it’s insatiable and indifferent […]

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  • Old Man of the Woods

    Old Man of the Woods

    Here’s a commission I recently completed for some friends!  The “Old Man of the Woods”.  They knew I loved drawing monsters and they wanted something to do with trees and the forest.  Since they were planing on hanging it in their home, I dialed back my usual gruesomeness and made this wise old resident of […]

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