Glass Heroes and Villains

The Master with a crown trying to touch him

This is my Villain entry for the Deviant Art and Universal Pictures art contest: Glass Heroes and Villains. It seemed like a really fun challenge, to create an original character in the Glass/Split/Unbreakable universe so I started with a Villain(I plan on doing both). The “powers” in the universe are subtle so I thought of a villain who wasn’t so much a physical threat as The Beast, or a mastermind like Mr. Glass. I thought of a character who would be able to control others so the physical and intellectual threats would be from those who are enslaved. There is not much special about my character except that physical contact with him is bliss, highly addictive, and those who have touched him will do whatever it takes to touch him again. Through this, he can influence anyone he touches to fulfill his every desire. The Glass Heroes and Villains content is a super fun idea and the prizes are amazing. FINGERS CROSSED!

Check out my entry to Glass Heroes and Villains here:

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