Author: Jake

  • Jerks


    In the mid-nineties I played a lot of Mortal Kombat with my friends. I asked a friend: if he were an MK character, what would he be. I painted what I remembered of the description of his character, Chino. Then a few days later, another friend made a request for me to paint him as […]

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  • Team Umizoomi

    Team Umizoomi

    My son LOVES to watch Team Umizoomi. I’ve become quite familiar with all the characters and wanted to draw them. I made up an alternate future in which the team of tiny superheroes are forced to grow due to the threat of the gizmo army that rises up to destroy Umi City. THIS IS WHAT […]

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  • The Maxx

    The Maxx

    Remember The Maxx? Sam Keith’s amazing comic from the 90’s, later a cartoon on MTV. I loved it and I still have my copy of The Maxx #1. I had been working on a piece of Mr. Gone and the isz’, but it was frustrating me so I took a break and started drawing this. […]

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  • The Smiley Imp

    The Smiley Imp

    Disturbing demons don’t dilly dally during devious duties! I think I got some great texture in this nasty little guy, but it still looks a flat to me. What do you think?

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  • The Harpy

    The Harpy

    In my quest to become a better artist I have found that, while I love characters, backgrounds are certainly important. I don’t do them much, as I love to paint characters, but they can really make a piece whole. I think I achieved that in this piece in that the background doesn’t look like absolute […]

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  • The Winner

    The Winner

    So I decided to paint President Donald Trump.  Hate him, love him or something in between, you have to know that he’s an interesting looking character.   It’s gotten over a thousand views on facebook, though only a small portion of people have “liked” or reacted to in anyway, but I guess that’s true of […]

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  • And Yet I Fight…

    And Yet I Fight…

    I remember, in 1992 or 1993?… I got 20 CD’s from Columbia House FOR FREE! I just had to buy one CD a month for however long the promotion was for. I didn’t. My dad ended up paying however much it was after months of racking up charges…. What an asshole I was. And I […]

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  • The Main Man

    The Main Man

    So a couple of years ago, Ron Perlman shared some of my art on social media. You can read about that HERE. He’s actually done it a couple of times after that too and it gives me a spike of traffic and followers on social media and it’s incredibly awesome. He’s become a hero of […]

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  • r/CharacterDrawing


    Occasionally, I will draw things for people on r/CharacterDrawing. It’s a great subreddit, but many requests go unfulfilled and that makes me a little sad, but then again, no one is getting paid so it’s not that sad. When I need inspiration I check out people’s descriptions of their RPG characters and if something jumps […]

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  • A Ruthless Hunter

    A Ruthless Hunter

    I gave “The Clone Wars” very little chance over the years. Now that it’s on Netflix, I’m going through some episodes and they’re pretty great. It’s really adding a lot of depth to the universe… I mean it’s all canon, so why not CONSUME! I’ve always liked Bounty Hunters the best out of the Star […]

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