Everquest 20th Anniversary

Troll Shadow Knight with glowing hand in the Innothule Swamp

In 1999 an incredible game was released to the world. That game was the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, Everquest. I played a lot of this game, too much in fact. At one point I had risked my job at mall kiosk, selling Earthlink subscriptions, by playing this game while on the clock on the work PC’s in full view of mall patrons(although it did have sales merit in that you could tell potential customers “this is an example of what you can do with an internet connection!”). To celebrate the Everquest 20th Anniversary, I drew the first character I can remember playing: Kuukuk, Troll Shadow Knight. I played on an RP(Role Play Only) server, and one of my fondest memories was running around the Innothule Swamp with “Namzes” a fellow Troll and when we had come to a wall, Namzes said, in character, “end of world”. It’s an inside joke my best friend an I use to this day. So here’s to EQ, which is actually still going 20 years later! Thanks for the fun!

Troll Shadow Knight with glowing hand in the Innothule Swamp
Kuukuk, Troll Shadow Knight for Everquest 20th Anniversary

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