Resident Evil Virus Victim
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The Progenitor Virus

It was 1998 when I bought my first Playstation. I believe this was the first console that I had purchased with my own money, earned through a night receptionist position at a collection agency that my brother and cousin worked for. I was going to say that it was one of the hardest $100 a 17 year old could make, but there are worse things. It was sold to me used and included 2 controllers, Tekken and a memory card, which was a holy-shit deal as a new one was $199. I didn’t ask where it came from.
After many smoking and gaming sessions, my best mate had brought over Resident Evil, a zombie game. I will always remember “I hope it isn’t….. Chris’ blood”. A really fun game to play in the dark, but I don’t think I got really interested in Resident Evil 2. That intro with the Umbrella Corporation logo that turns into the can… man. Loved it. Horror, mystery, conspiracy, action and Raccoon City. Oh, and the T-Virus.. which I thought was so badass. Then 3:Nemesis… There’s a point where you’re walking down a hall than then Nemesis unexpectedly breaks through the wall… superb.
I didn’t play much after those first three games. Here and there and catch someone playing it at their house, but nothing more than that. It’s 2017 now and my wife and I were looking for a game to play together. It seemed that Resident Evil 5 was one of the few games that accommodates couch-co-op. We picked it up and I was brought back through the time-machine of nostalgic themes and characters. We finished 5 and moved on to 6 which we’re playing now. I was so happy to be back in the Raccoon City universe that I drew this piece as my first of 2017. Some poor bastard suffering from one of Umbrella’s experiments. Happy gaming!

Resident Evil Virus Victim

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